Exeter NH No Closing Cost Mortgages Benefits And Risks

No closing cost mortgages are typically desirable to borrowers with few funds to bring to closing. The phrase is a bit misleading as there is always a cost to lending money. However, the way those expenses are recouped by a mortgage company can be … [Read more...]

Overview Of The Qualified Mortgage Rule For Exeter NH Mortgages

The qualified mortgage rule was issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in January 2013 as part of the Dodd-Frank Reform Act. It actually applies starting Jan. 10, 2014 and affects the way companies must qualify and verify facts for … [Read more...]

Ways To Improve Credit Scores Before Buying A Property In Exeter NH

There are a variety of things that you can do to get ready for purchasing a property. An especially crucial one is to analyze your credit reports in advance as it impacts your mortgage options and interest rate. Below are ways to improve credit … [Read more...]

Wellsco Donates Portion of Proceeds to Habitat For Humanity

Wellsco Realty In Newburyport Partners With Habitat For Humanity In keeping with Wellsco’s conviction that supporting the community must be an inherent part of the Wellsco business model, the team at Wellsco has agreed to donate a portion of the … [Read more...]

Exeter NH Home Inspection Tips For Home Buyers And Sellers

A home inspection is an evaluation of the structure and all mechanical elements by a licensed professional. It commonly encompasses an examination of every visible aspect of the interior and exterior of a home. A licensed home inspector may have … [Read more...]

Details On Exeter NH Tax Deductions For Purchasing Real Estate

There may be many tax deductions for purchasing real estate through use of tax deductions. Deductions minimize your taxable income and therefore lead to fewer taxes. It is useful to understand the tax impact before purchasing or when evaluating … [Read more...]

Exeter NH FHA 203k Financing Requirements

FHA 203k is a mortgage program provided by the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for real estate requiring renovation. The program enables home buyers to purchase real estate with the cost of repairs included. Typical mortgages … [Read more...]

Exeter NH First Time Buyer Information

Buying your first home can be a bit confusing. The Exeter NH first time buyer information below can help. Real estate is usually the biggest investment for most buyers - start with as much information as possible. Before Searching for Homes Find … [Read more...]

How To Understand Mold In Your Exeter NH Home

John P. Wells, Realtor interviews owner of ABC Home Inspection, Andy Consoli about mold. Below are some tips and information on how to understand mold in Exeter NH. Advice On How To Understand Mold In Your Exeter NH Home The purpose of the Home … [Read more...]

Exeter NH Tips on Selling Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home in Exeter? A lot of people seem ambivalent about it when they list their house. They say, “If I can get $X, I’ll sell my house.” The approach needs to be, “What is the market willing to pay for my house and am I … [Read more...]