Foreclosure Deals – Exeter NH Real Estate For Sale

LOOKING FOR THAT GREAT FORECLOSURE DEAL IN EXETER NH? Are foreclosure deals really worth it? Buying a house is much more than an investment .   It is finding a home where you and your family will thrive and be happy.  Isn't it true that coming … [Read more...]

Home Inspections

John P. Wells, REALTOR, has added a new blog post on home buyer tips to his website The blog post is titled "Home Inspections". Below is a preview. Understanding Home Inspections.     Once you have an accepted deal with a … [Read more...]

Listing Your Home for Sale

Are you Listing Your Exeter NH Home for Sale?  Do you really want to sell your home? A lot of people seem ambivalent about it when they list their house.   They say, “If I can get $X, I’ll sell my house.”   The approach needs to be, “What is the … [Read more...]

Should you invest in the stock market or buy a home?

The Real Question:  Is Buying a Home a Good Investment? Should you invest in the stock market or buy a home?  The real answer is evasive… In today’s world it’s hard to find good places to put your money unless you are a particularly savvy … [Read more...]