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Are foreclosure deals really worth it?

Buying a house is much more than an investment .  
It is finding a home where you and your family will thrive and be happy.  Isn’t it true that coming home to a warm and inviting home where you feel great makes you happy?  Doesn’t happiness contribute to your health?  Don’t you do your best work when you are healthy and happy?  Are you looking for great foreclosure deals in Exeter or a home for your family to prosper and thrive in?

So your health and happiness – and that of your family – contribute to your economic success.
Yet lots of people come to me looking for a house and wanting to concentrate on great foreclosure deals and short sales in the Exeter area.  We want to buy something cheap, they say; now’s the time to do that.  True, there are some deals out there.  But there aren’t a lot of them, and using cheapness as the criteria to buy your home is a huge mistake.  Your choices will be very, very limited, and generally not good.  There are reasons why these places are bargains.

It’s one thing if you’re an investor who buys homes and rehabs them to flip or rent.
If you are looking for a home, you need to consider how you will feel living there.  Will it work for your family and the way you live?  If it’s not where you’ll feel happy, it’s a mistake.  If you are an investor who will never live there and only wish to own investment property in Exeter – that’s different.

Focus on the right home for your family within your budget.
Don’t focus on the “great” foreclosure deals.  Exeter NH offers many beautiful homes in all price ranges.  Let me help you find a properly priced home that fits you families needs and budget.

Be happy, healthy, and wealthy in Exeter NH!

About Editor-John P. Wells

I am a resident of Newburyport and have worked in education, high tech and urban development. My interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to my clients. For more information please visit the Wellsco website.